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12 May 14 at 8 pm

Hahaha, enjoy this gif that Morgan made of me bailing a speed vault, from when I first started training 3 years ago. I’m much better now, honest.

Hahaha, enjoy this gif that Morgan made of me bailing a speed vault, from when I first started training 3 years ago. I’m much better now, honest.
12 May 14 at 1 pm


hold my banana I can do this woho!

strength and precision like whaaat

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04 May 14 at 5 pm


Yesterday I had the chance to spend the morning with a bunch of extraordinary girls from all over Europe for the Women International Parkour Weekend, a two-day training event run by experienced female coached led by Shirley Darlington from the Chainstore Parkour Academy in East London.

Yesterday the girls trained outdoors in various London hotspots challenging themselves with new goals and improving their techniques. 

I find parkour such an amazing discipline and watching the ladies jumping and climbing all day makes me feel it’s time to wear my trainers and have a go!

Thanks for having me with you girls! 

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08 Apr 14 at 2 am


Storm Freerun: BARCELONA

New material from Storm shows the guys tearing it up in Barcelona. It’s particularly great to see classic traceurs such as Phil Doyle and Ashley Holland reassume their position as key players in the current freerunning scene. Moreover, the team’s movement is fresh and precise and, as ever, Visive have conceptualised, captured and edited the video to stunning results.

What concerns me is the video’s clear motive to ultimately sell products. It’s a postmodern concept that anything intentionally anti-materialism will inevitably find opportunity on which to be capitalised. This is evident even to the least-seasoned traceur, whose choice of trainers and sweatpants will be in some way influenced by the efforts of fitness giants to snatch a stake in the market which, frankly, they have limited knowledge of. Nike’s ‘Free Run’ shoe, which sells for up to 8 times the price of the (imo) incomparable Feiyues is a prime example of this. Meanwhile - closer to home - the parkour brand Etre Fort markets ‘deluxe’ sweatpants which perform identically to budget Slazengers. Clothing can, of course, be a great way to advertise sport itself, however I believe that Storm tread a dangerous line with regard to the ratio of humble training versus profiteering. I’ve every confidence that Storm are all for keeping parkour as real as ever, though only time will prove if there’s any truth in my conviction.

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05 Apr 14 at 4 pm


New Work / Parkour - Free Running

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New Work / Parkour - Free Running
27 Mar 14 at 2 am

Hey gang, here’s a new video from a team I’m particularly close to, Team Traceur. This one’s filmed on a remarkably gorgeous day in the capital, however they’re dropping vid’s left, right and centre at the moment which display all kinds of creativity in an array of locations.

The group consists of some really genuine guys who work hard to develop themselves as athletes and use their influence to advertise the humility in creative movement. In a time where freerunning appears to be taking a direction into the unknown, into territories where results and flair are often valued higher than the process it took to achieve them, TT are a fresh reminder that somebody, somewhere is keeping it real and pure.

It’s currently an exciting time for TT, as they look forward to dropping their first clothing line and proliferating their presence through online media. The new addition being their Instagram account which documents their members’ progression through video and images.

If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more from Team Traceur in the future, you can follow them on Twitter @TraceurMedia, Youtube TeamTraceurMedia, and Instagram teamtraceur